Client Love

Melissa will guide you through a new way of looking at food and what to eat and WHY! It's not just about the calories or just carbs or just sugar. It's not about a 14 day or 30 day fix, but how to eat like a regular person everyday of your life - just a better way!

Melissa also has a great sense of what is influencing your habits and offers spot-on advice on how to handle factors affecting your eating habits. She is easy to reach and gives you great meal ideas, from her own kitchen and helpful stories and articles for those bumps in the road.  - L.F


I have been working with Melissa since the start of August. I feel so much better mentally, physically and emotionally. Nutrition is so much more than just food. I am so grateful for all the things Melissa has taught me and will in the future and I move forward on this path of wellness. 

My workouts aren't as tough, since I am properly fueling my body for them. My clothes fit better, I have lost weight and most importantly, I am teaching my daughter better habits as she is learning right alongside me! - T.W 


When I first met with Melissa, she asked me questions related to my lifestyle, fitness and eating habits and took weight and other statistics to formulate my starting point with macros (daily percentage of carbs, fat and protein balanced to my calorie goal and individual needs).  As I started to record what I was eating daily, which is a vital part of the program, I realized I was eating way too many carbs and not nearly enough protein for my body, and was shocked at how far off I was compared to what I thought I should be doing.  After that realization, I decided to trust in the program and work hard to follow my daily macro goals as closely as possible.  Once I committed, the results started coming…week by week, pound by pound, and before I knew it, I was at my weight loss goal and feeling healthier and stronger than I have in probably a decade!   I have been pulling clothes out of my closet that I haven’t worn since before I had my twins 9 years ago and they fit like a glove.  Talk about a confidence booster!!    The most exciting part to see was that the weight I lost was all fat, and that I had gained muscle mass, which was fulfilling my goal of becoming a stronger, fitter me.

Bottom line…this is not a diet, it is a lifestyle change.  If you want to become an overall leaner and healthier you, this is the long-term solution to try.  You do not have to stop eating certain food groups, starve yourself or eat foods you hate to lose weight…this is not about sacrifice.  It is about learning what your body needs for health and balance and making it your habit.   If you’re considering Be Well Blueprint, just do it!! You and your body won’t regret it! - L.M 


If you are feeling stuck with what ever your "diet" is, I have found that the best fix is having a nutrition coach! Melissa was that person for me. She made me accountable. She became the person, other than yourself that I didn't want to let down. I had been eating relatively clean; and here and there tracking macros. When I started working with Melissa, and actually applied what she was telling me to do I saw results. I started at 209 lbs. and my last weigh in was 193 after 3 months. Having the right coach for you makes all the difference. Melissa understands that "we" exist in the real world. When you start a healthy nutrition based lifestyle; which is what this is about, you will understand that "diet" is a word that handcuffs you. Eating healthy doesn't have to be a prison sentence. You can still enjoy the food you like (chicken wings and pizza) every once in a while.  Having a nutrition coach will help show you how to do that. Melissa will show you healthy eating choices which will creates your foundation. It will tough at first, but with Melissa's guidance you will have success, and she makes it really simple to do. I definitely recommend working with her. - M.W 

I've always loved staying active and working out. I considered myself healthy but knew I had room to improve. Several months ago I took an InBody scan and saw some shocking results that made me seek 1:1 help. I started working on my nutrition with Melissa about 4 months ago. We made a goal of me losing 10-15 lbs and decreasing my overall body fat, but more specifically my visceral fat. 

It was really important to me that this process was very deliberate so I could maintain the results the rest of my life. She taught me the importance of nutrition and how I can use it to help achieve my goals. She created a custom plan that allowed me to make a slow and steady change. I never once felt like I was crash dieting. 
Melissa has been absolutely awesome throughout this process. She makes herself available to answer questions, helps me make real-time adjustments, and gives overall moral support. We continue to discuss my goals and make adjustments weekly but I think the most important thing she has taught me is a sustainable habit that will eventually allow me to continue this journey on my own. 
I've reached all my goals and continue to maintain the results. Beyond the numbers, I feel awesome, my work capacity at the gym has increased, and I'm sleeping better. 
To anyone thinking about making a nutrition/lifestyle change I highly recommend working with Melissa. She's extremely knowledgeable and really wants to help make a difference in her clients lives. - M.T


 I’ve been struggling with diet and nutrition for years; always knowing WHAT I needed to do, but never willing to commit to it. I’d attend 2 days week, working harder some days than others, no energy, no real motivation, and leaving satisfied that I at least made the effort to make it to the box.  About 3 ½ months ago, it finally clicked inside me that what I was doing, was NOT working. I was dying, slowly.  I decided to put my health and fitness first.  Doing this made me realize a lot about a great many things.  It’s ok to ask for help. There is no shame or weakness in realizing you need assistance, no matter what you feel you know; AND there will ALWAYS be time for the gym, if you make it a priority. Melissa was there every step of the way to help me create new lifestyle changes and help me reconnect with my body. I am forever grateful for her. - K.O.



This is not a crash diet. This is not a quick fix. This is not temporary clean eating. Melissa helps you develop a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. I am not “on a diet.” This is my diet. This is my lifestyle change. 

Three months ago, at the start of my dietary lifestyle change, if someone had asked me if I was a healthy eater, I would have said yes. Yes, I eat my fruits and vegetables, whole wheat instead of white, baked instead of fried. Within the first week of working with Melissa I learned how uneducated I was about my food choices. While I was making healthy choices I did not have a balanced diet. On a daily basis, my food consumption consisted of 70-80% carbohydrates. It does not matter how healthy your carb choices are, when they make up 75% of your diet your body is not physically capable of burning that many carbs in a day. That’s where balance comes in.  Adding more healthy fats and protein into my diet and decreasing my carb intake did so much more than help me lose weight. For the first time in 10 years I sleep through the night. My energy levels are high and consistent throughout the day. My workouts have improved and I recover twice as fast.

Melissa created a personalized plan based off information she collected about me and adjusted it when necessary due to weekly weight loss and how my body was responding to the diet. While the numbers and adjustments gave me the tools I needed to succeed, it was my responsibility to follow through and stick with her plan. Day one I made three promises to myself. 1. I will not cheat: How will I know if Melissa’s numbers are working for me if I am not following them? 2. If I do cheat, I will not lie: If I eat it, I log it. She can’t help you if she doesn’t have an honest picture of your caloric intake. 3. I will not starve: I could hit my numbers while including donuts, ice cream and cookies, but those items would take away too many calories from my day and not fill me, which would make me suffer later on. This would result in me either starving or cheating and neither were worth it.

Three months and 17 pounds later I can honestly say that choosing to work with Melissa is the best gift I have given myself.  I have had friends and family ask me when my diet ends. My answer is never. This is an addictive lifestyle and I am a self-proclaimed addict.  - M.S 


"I started working with Melissa on my nutrition because heart disease runs in my family and my cholesterol was super high. My doctor gave me four months to get my cholesterol down or else she was going to put me on medication. I'm proud to say my cholesterol is now perfect, but that's just the beginning. I am down 10 pounds, up 3% in muscle mass,  down 7% in body fat, and I have never felt better. I have more energy throughout the day and during my workouts. Melissa was there to  answer any questions I had,  to hold me accountable to the goals that I had set and she encouraged me along the way.  She has given me the tools necessary to continue to be successful with my nutrition journey. I could not have asked for a better nutrition coach. " - D.D 


Working with Melissa throughout my postpartum period has been life changing. She helped our entire family prepare for a new addition and she helped me become more aware of how I treat myself trickles down to the rest of my family. I am will be forever grateful for the Well Mama program and her guidance throughout the 12 weeks we worked together. It has changed my life in ways I have never thought imaginable. - L.T. 

I was really having a tough time in my life. I could not figure out how to balance the things I wanted to do and had planned VS. everything I needed to do as a busy mom of 3. I dropped everything and just accepted that this was life for at least this moment in time.

I lost a sense of who I was. I was no longer who I wanted to be and I was fighting that internally.I was feeling really bad about about myself and finding that I was frustrated everyday.  My biggest takeaway from the Well Mama program was self care. I learned that the small acts everyday like eating well, drinking my tea, taking a shower were all ways that I could practice self care. This gave me a renewed sense of gratitude. I spent so much time teaching others how to be grateful for the small things in life that I somehow forgot this for myself. It was a huge wake up call. I was also reminded that we all need to take a timeout and that it is ok!

A lot has changed for me and my family. The program was something that I joined for myself, but by taking care of "me" my family reaped the benefits. We now food prep, exercise and have better overall good habits which were all side effects from taking care of me!

Well Mama is a program designed to work on your own personal needs, and how to incorporate new healthy practices into everyday life. It isn't overwhelming at all. From where I started to where I ended was a natural progression in a positive way. Melissa is a wonderful coach and I am forever grateful for the work we did. - M.G.