I know firsthand that giving birth is one of the most athletic events a woman will ever accomplish and training for it as well as recovering from it mindfully is extremely important. 

I am so grateful to have found BIRTHFIT and am excited help mamas prepare for a strong healthy birth, as well as recover safely afterwards.

Prenatal personal training and nutrition/lifestyle guidance is available, as well as support within our group classes if those are deemed safe and appropriate. 

My postpartum classes are ideal for postpartum women that want to train mindfully after giving birth and slowly get back into some exercise and strength training. 

My goal is to educate and empower women to continue to move functionally, safely, and maintain physical activity throughout the Motherhood Transition.  BIRTHFIT is a lifestyle-nutrition, movement and the messages we tell ourselves. 

Let me help you with your daily decisions to be the BEST you in preparation for motherhood. 

Contact me to set up a consult, or head to the store to sign up for a class today!