Be Well Blueprint Lifestyle and  Nutrition 6 Week Quick Start 
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After working with many nutrition clients we have learned that creating a plan that allows participants to learn and establish lasting lifestyle challenges is key. While we would love personalized coaching from Be Well Blueprint to be it for you, we understand that there are many options out there and sometimes people aren't ready for our 3 month initial commitment. 
This is why we decided to offer our 6 week quick start. A 6 week "taste" if you will of what being a client with Be Well Blueprint is like. This is 6 weeks to learn more about yourself and your relationship with food and the opportunity to create some new lifestyle habits in a very supportive environment and to see if working with Be Well Blueprint is right for you. 
Melissa is a level 2 Precision Nutrition coach and will help you work through 6 weeks of habit building, all while providing support and accountability along the way. 
Sign Up Now if you are looking to:
- Lose body fat 
- Improve strength and conditioning 
- Lower your risk or reduce chronic health problems
- Eliminate food cravings
- Understand how to properly fuel your body 
- Eat more mindfully 
- Change lifestyle factors like sleep and stress management 

Here's What You Get

- InBody Body Composition Test Before and After
- 2 1:1 in person meetings (initial consult and follow up after the 6 weeks)
- Individualized Macro Plan 
- Individualized Goal Setting and Monitoring
- Weekly Email Check-ins With Your Nutrition Coach 
- Adjustment to Your Plan as needed 
- Access to our Pro Coach System
- 6 weeks of personalized coaching at a discounted rate and no commitment 
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