Should I Cut Carbs on Non-Training Days?

Should I cut Carbs on non training days?

I get this question a lot. Should i change my calories or macro breakdown for days I am not training since my activity level is lower.

Whenever I hear this I give a resounding....Please NO.

I always recommend my clients eat the same carb count across all days, whether they are training or not, especially if they are doing exercise like CrossFit, HIIT training, running, which is hitting their glucose stores pretty hard.

Think of it this way ... if you crush a hard workout in the gym or go for a long run your body uses glycogen stores, leaving it depleted afterwards. If you cut carbs the day after these workouts, how do you expect your body to restore these glycogen stores and help your body recover?
Even when you aren't physically training for a day that doesn't mean your body doesn't need the energy coming from carbs. Your brain function, muscle repair and organ function all highly rely on carb stores.
Most people struggle to stay on track with one set of macros, don't complicate things and definitely don't prioritize changing carb sources as your body wants and NEEDS these carbs (maybe even more) on rest days.
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