Loving Your Body...No Matter What it Weighs (My Struggle with This)

I spent years obsessed with what the scale said. When I saw that number each morning it would set the tone - a lower number = a better day. I would feel like my clothes fit better and felt more confident that day. 

A day where the number was higher, would usually result in negative self talk, restriction or self sabotage. 

Yes, even as a health and wellness coach, I struggle with this. 

How many of you can relate?
Since having my second daughter, it has been harder to get my body back to "pre-baby" weight. My body likes to be just a few pounds heavier then where I "think it should be" (what does that even mean?!) While it has taken me a little bit of time to really appreciate my body for what it looks like now, it can still be a struggle some days to know I weigh more than I used to. 
Lately I am really focusing on loving my body for what is can do (and has done, ie. grow 2 healthy babies), but also focusing on feeding it in a way that allows me to listen to my body and truly learn what it needs (not what I think it needs). 
So, here is a reminder that the number on the scale tells you nothing about your health or your worthiness. It doesn't show if you are a good person. If you are kind. If you are successful and definitely doesn't tell you how to care for your body. 
Start paying attention to how you feel. Start loving your body for what it can do. Start being grateful for this things you have. Stop focusing on the number on the scale. 
Live well, be well.