Is Your Body in a Good Place to Lose Weight?

As a nutrition and wellness coach I have seen it all. 

People who are coming off of VERY low caloric restrictions (we are talking 800-1000 cals per day low), people religiously following templates and going through restriction and binging phases, people that are wildly confused about what foods work for them and what foods don't. And many of these people have seen little to no consistent results. 
A conversation I have had a lot lately surrounds the idea of creating an optimal and safe environment for your body to actually do what you are asking it to. Meaning, your body needs to feel safe and nourished not full or stress before it will shed body fat, convert muscle and make lose weight. 
It is important to remember that we cannot live in a perpetually "cut" phase and expect our bodies to make the changes we want. 
Here are some indicators that your body is not in a good enough place to make the body composition change you want: 
👉Your thyroid is not functioning optimally 
👉You just had a baby 
👉You have hormone imbalances
👉 Your period is painful, or non existent
👉 You are always hungry, or never feel hungry 
👉 You don't sleep well or enough 
👉You are overtraining at the gym 
👉 Your body isn't recovering from workouts 
👉Your digestion and gut health sucks 
👉 You have been on a "cut" or eating "low calorie" for an extended period of time (like more than 3 months) 
It is important to address these things before focusing on weight loss and body composition changes. 
If this list resonates with you and you need support making the changes you want in your life, please reach out! I would LOVE to help.
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