Eating Seasonally -For Fall

Eating with the seasons is something that people don’t often think about, but it is an important thing for both your health and your wallet. I love fall and all the foods that come with it.

If you eat seasonally you are reaping the best benefits you can from your food. Food that is eaten in the season it optimally grows has a higher nutritional value then those foods that aren’t in season. It will also help support our local growers and cost you less!

As fall is officially in full swing here in NY, there are LOTS of awesome fruits and vegetables that are in season now. Have you noticed all the awesome stuff at the public market lately!?


This time of year brings with it super fresh apples, artichokes, arugula, beets, broccoli, brussels spouts, cabbages, cauliflower, escarole, kale, kohlrabi, turnips, parsnips, onions, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and all the squash you could ask for! Shop for these things at the market and you will be eating them at their freshest time!

Now that you have all this in season food – what are you going to make with it!? Here are some fun recipes to change things up a bit.

Try these 2 for a nice twist on acorn squash.


Not sure what to do with beets and carrots? Try this. YUM!


Apple Chutney with turkey meatballs!


Use in season Cauliflower to make the topping for this shepherds pie!


Or try this bake!


Be creative with the things you find at the market, but also be sure to respect these fruits and vegetables and try them as they are as well. Eating them in season makes them full of flavor, so make these veggies the center of your dish!

Live well, be well.