Don't Let Your Weekends Ruin Your Progress

I see this pattern in nearly all of my clients when they first start. They are "strict" 4 days out of the week and come Friday night the wheels fall off. They describe themselves as "good" during the week and "bad" on the weekend. 

The weekdays are easy. Most of us have jobs, or at least routines that require us to get out of bed at a certain time, eat lunch at a certain time and be home by a certain time. For a lot of people, Friday rolls around and you just want to let loose.

Trust me, I get it.

So, is there a way to enjoy the weekends, be social, let go of some of the rigid rules we have M-F and still see the progress we want? 

THERE SURE IS! Check out these tips.

1) Try to stick to a similar routine. Maintaining similar habits on the weekend will make transitions from weekdays to weekends easier. Keep your priorities set - get enough sleep, drink enough water, move, you know, all that good stuff you do M-F.

2) Get some movement in. Try not to fall into the mindset that because you don't have to go to work, you don't have to do anything. Focus on getting your minimum 10k steps in, get a workout in or do something fun outside with friends. Weekends should not = couch potato mode. 

3) Have food prepped. By having food ready to go you will be more likely to eat at home. Don't leave yourself hungry without a solid option in your fridge. 

4) Plan your social outings ahead of time. Eat well for the rest of the day and check the menu ahead of time so you have a plan going into them. 

5) Make smart choices when you do go out. Definitely enjoy yourself, but try not to overindulge. Make good choices and reflect often on the decisions you are making. Are they getting you closer to your goals or farther away? Are they worth it? Can you still enjoy time with friends without completely overindulging?

Take these tips with you into this weekend and come into Monday feeling proud of yourself rather then overwhelmed and defeated. 

Remember, it's about the people you are with, not the food you are eating (or drinks you are drinking). 

Live well, be well.