5 Reasons the Scale Might Not be Moving (Even if you are tracking food)

You have been diligent about tracking your food (or at least you think you have). At the end of the day your numbers line up on My Fitness Pal. You are mindful and prepared, yet that pesky scale still doesn't seem to be moving. 

Here are 5 reasons you may not be seeing the results you are expecting:

1) You aren't actually measuring your food. Maybe you have been doing this macro tracking thing for a while, maybe you are just being lazy, but for whatever reason you think you can get by with eyeballing your portions rather than actually weighing them. While it should not have to be a forever thing, weighing your food should happen for some time at least so we can truly understand what proper portions look like. A tracking app like My Fitness Pal only works if you are actually tracking things appropriately. 

2) Your entries are not specific enough. Putting in something like a "cheeseburger" into a tracking app won't yield you the most accurate results. Instead break the cheeseburger apart into ground beef, bun, cheese, etc. Similarly, be sure to record things by their gram amounts rather than 1 tbsp peanut butter, or 1 medium banana. 

3) You are eating, then logging. Planning ahead is imperative for success and one of the first tips I give my clients when it comes to tracking macros. Planning in advance allows you to have a plan for the next day. By doing this you are more likely to stay on track and be successful. 

4) You aren't double checking your labels. While the scanning feature in MFP or other tracking apps is convenient, it isn't always accurate. Be sure to double check that the item in the app matches the label on the food you are eating. Often times it's not correct. 

5) You rely on guesstimating too often. If you eat out often, or eat foods that you yourself did not prepare, its almost impossible to guesstimate correctly. Most of the time we underestimate the macros in something that we guesstimate. If you are eating out be sure to ask the server lots of questions and when logging overestimate oil, sauces and serving sizes. Always choose the higher calorie item in your tracking app. 

If you are working hard tracking your food consistently and not seeing much progress on the scale, one or more of these reasons may be the culprit. Be sure to reflect and review these 5 things and see where you can tighten up your macro tracking skills.