10 Tips to Keep you On Track this Thanksgiving

Holidays like Thanksgiving are meant to be a joyful time spent with family and friends. It is NOT a time to stress about the amount of calories you are consuming. 

Here are some tips to make your Thanksgiving (and any holiday celebration) a joyful one. 

1) Eat a sensible, high protein breakfast. 

2) Move. Get a workout, hike, or yoga session in before dinner. 

3) Drink lots of water. 

4) Limit your alcohol beverages.

5) Make sure you get lots of sleep the night before and the night of. 

6) Eat slowly to allow your brain to catch up.

7) Stay away from the appetizer table.

8) Know its ok to say "no thank you". 

9) Be reasonable, eat one, not ten.

10) Be kind to yourself (if things didn't go as planned). 

Keep these tips in mind tomorrow for Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season.